Only 1 in 7 High Performers are High-Potential

According to our research a High-Potential employee (HiPo) is twice as valuable to an organisation, yet only half of organisations with a programme to cultivate and retain top talent employ a systematic process to identify high-potential, and only a third use valid assessment data.

Our report on 'Improving the Odds of Success for High-Potential Programmes' looks at everything organisations need to know to help their HiPo programmes succeed. You will be able to find out from the report which combination of motivations and behaviours are found in people who are likely to succeed at the next level, and how you can apply a predictive and actionable model of high-potential within your organisation.

So how convinced are you that the right people are joining your HiPo programme?  Fill out the form below to download the report.

Improving the Odds of Success for High-Potential Programmes